Largest stock availability and fast deliveries


FARO stands out for the large availability of special dimensions and variety of steel grades for the manufacturing of plastic injection moulds, composites hot forming moulds, aluminium die casting tools and hot forging dies. Our large stock allows us to supply any cut block in a few working days, also thanks to the warehouse located in Padova (IT).


A large number of saw cutting machines, together with a unique disc sawing facility developed by our engineers, allow us to carry out a large number of cuts in a very short lead time.


Our special sawing equipment can accurately produce 3 dimensional shaped blocks according to drawings, offering so to our customers a relevant cost saving in terms of rough machining hours. Our experience will help you to find out the suitable sawing shape.


This service is available to all our customers and includes 6 sides machining, eyebolt lifting holes, clamping slots. Further to that, FARO offers finished quality machining jobs on mould blocks, frames and plate-work. Rough milling or semi-finishing of cavities and cores can be done both on 3 axe and 5 axe machining centres.


After sales customer service is available to our domestic and export markets within short time after request, and includes technical consultancy, laser or tig welding, mould polishing. FARO’s technical team is supported by our partners’ experienced metallurgists.